Buy One Get One Free for Valentine's Day

Buy One Get One Free for Valentine’s Day

The provenance of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, as befits the day on the calendar reserved over all others for expressions of romance. Legend has it that a priest named Valentine defied a decree from Emperor Claudius II of Rome requiring soldiers to remain unmarried. Valentine was beheaded, or so goes the lore, for secretly officiating over the betrothals of dedicated lovers.

A competing story centers on Saint Valentine of Terni, imprisoned by the same emperor. He allegedly fell in love with a young woman who visited him, passing notes to her signed “From Your Valentine” prior to his own decapitation.

Many of us lose our heads on Valentine’s Day, though thankfully in a more metaphorical sense. The holiday does spark expressions of love in the form of gifts, often in the form of helping our beloved look and feel their best. But this approach is fraught with danger: will she interpret our gift as an expression of disappointment in how she looks now? What is a lover to do?

CBD to the Rescue

We can avoid that trap by presenting our cherished one with something novel and exciting, like products infused with CBD oil. We know that CBD can relieve pain, anxiety and depression, reduce blood pressure and rejuvenate cells. Clinical (unromantic) research has informed us of that for years. So, think how good it would feel to give the gift of feeling good at half price. From now until Valentine’s Day, Nature’s Highway is offering buy-one-get-one-free deals on select products (designated with the code VDAY21).

Lip Gloss + Anti Aging Cream Buy One Get One Free

What is included? Let’s start with lip gloss, a staple of every woman’s cosmetic kit. Our pharmacist-formulated CBD lip gloss blends organic coconut, grapeseed oil, shea butter and Vitamin E for a luxurious lip moisturizer that caresses skin and lips. Gifting BOGO lip gloss has the added benefit to the gift giver of a thank-you kiss from silky-soft lips.

Our Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream smooths skin and promotes a healthy glow, thanks to 500mg of organic CBD from our farm in rural Orangeburg County, South Carolina. CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help regenerate cells and increase skin elasticity. Power-packed with vitamins, it protects skin against damaging free radicals as well as wind and airborne pollutants. Ordering now saves $50 and can last for months.

Erotica Gummies Buy One Get One Free

Does your love life need a boost this Valentine’s Day? Save big on our erotic CBD gummies, mixed with the natural herbal supplement Tungat Ali in the perfect recipe to stir the libido in both sexes. The herbal, also known as Horny Goat Weed, revs the libidinal engines while the CBD relaxes for the perfect amorous mindset. The three-flavor pack comes in spearmint, orange and raspberry; take one or two a few minutes before comingling your bodies and enjoy your Valentine’s Day… and beyond.

CBD Tincture Buy One Get One Free

Feeling better needn’t be confined to February 14th. Our full-spectrum CBD tincture is pharmacist-formulated to calm and reduce pain every day. A month’s supply reduces inflammation and delivers a more restful sleep for $29.99. With our Valentine’s Day special, you can get two months’ worth of CBD oil for the same price and experience relief with just a few drops on your tongue.

CBD Gummies Buy One Get One Free

If your beloved seeks the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil but struggles with placing drops on their tongue and swallowing soft gels, CBD gummies might be the answer. Purchase a four-month supply by Valentine’s Day and save $80. They come in five delicious fruit flavors – apple, cherry, grape, orange and blue raspberry – so they’re fun to chew, taste and swallow. Of course, that just starts the pleasure: CBD’s properties of reducing muscle aches and improving sleep provide long-lasting relief.

What If Your Dog is Your Valentine

Fear not for Fido! Nature’s Highway is offering our Valentine’s Day special on CBD dog chews too. They come in natural bacon and beef flavors and provide the same pain relief for man’s best friend that they provide for our human Valentines.

What Are You Waiting For? Buy Your Loved One a Hemp Gift Today!

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